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Our Team

Victim Support Centre Middelburg would not exist without the dedicated hands of our team members. Together, we work to ensure a better tomorrow where we all have the hopes of co-existing in peace.


Their careful and dedicated planning is what drives Victim Support Centre Middelburg in the right direction, enabling us to accomplish our goal of fighting and eradicating crime and violence in our communities.

Social Workers:

On arrival at the shelter, victims are assessed and their problems are diagnosed by a social worker. Victims are then offered counselling, which is also handled by a social worker.

Social Auxiliary Workers:

Their job is to support the social worker with certain tasks, such as carrying out home visits and holding awareness campaigns.

Care Workers:

They are responsible for offering support and supervision to the victims at the shelter, and they also conduct lay counseling in order to normalise the victim in the absence of a social worker.

Admin Officers:

Our admin officers handle all administrative work related to Victim Support Centre Middelburg.

House Mothers:

They are in charge of the house work at the shelter, such as cooking and cleaning.

Did you know?

Our social workers have a lot of responsibilities, some of which include:

  • management at the shelter
  • fundraising
  • referring and linking people to resources
  • networking and training of stakeholders on the victim empowerment programme
  • human development
  • social development
  • community development
  • family and child welfare

Peace of mind

Our social auxiliary workers practice under the guidance and supervision of a social worker.

Care workers are available at the shelter after hours as well as on weekends and public holidays.

Victims that want to make use of the shelter will have their accommodation prepared by one of the house mothers.

We often get people that give up their time to volunteer at the shelter, and they offer additional help with the workings of Victim Support Centre Middelburg.

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