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The community can also join the fight against violence

As a member of the community, keep your eyes and ears open to help identify incidences of crime and violence in your neighbourhood. Be prompt with reporting criminal activity to your nearest police station or Victim Support Centre Middelburg. You may request to remain anonymous for your protection. It will be beneficial if you can provide evidence of the crime, or if you could make use of a witness/witnesses when you report any form of crime or violence. Further steps will then be taken to handle the situation.

Here are a few ways the community can assist with the battle against domestic violence:

  • learn more about the signs of domestic violence, and spread this knowledge to other members of the community

  • if you are aware of an abusive situation or if you witness abusive behaviour, plan an intervention to help the victim

  • if you decide to intervene on behalf of an abused victim, please consider your own safety (gather a group of people or notify the authorities of your plan)

  • offer emotional support to those affected by domestic violence, and encourage them to get help

The best defence against crime is knowledge

Make an effort to learn more about crime and violence!

Do some research to gain a better understanding and increase your awareness. You can find this information at your local library or on the Internet. Here is a list of topics with links to several informative webpages. Victim Support Centre Middelburg will also provide you with answers to any questions you may have.

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