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Our Vision

Victim Support Centre Middelburg is a non-profit organisation that has committed to offering a helping hand in the fight against crime and violence.

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Our Empowerment Programme

Victims can trust our support. We work to alleviate crime and violence by going out into the communities to educate and assist.

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Our Team

The management and staff at Victim Support Centre Middelburg put in their best efforts to help bring peace to communities in and around the Mpumalanga province, as well as offering their steady support to those affected by any type of criminal offence.

Apart from the organisation, people in the community also play a very important role in the functioning of Victim Support Centre Middelburg. The ongoing support we receive from our sponsors is also vital to keep this organisation up and running.

Victims can have the peace of mind that they are not alone, and that there are many people willing to help them.

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Our News

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I am a victim...what now?

Our shelter assists those that are affected by violence in the community. The services offered by our empowerment programme includes teaching helpful skills to survivors like yourself. If you have been through difficult and stressful situations, you will receive counselling. This gives you a chance to speak about your problems and feelings in a dependable and confidential environment. It also ensures that you are able to make sound decisions about your life.

A glimpse at our empowerment programme (for more details, visit this page):

  • sheltering
  • individual development plan
  • care plan
  • reunification services
  • therapeutic services
  • skills projects
  • group work
  • practical assistance
  • community outreach and awareness