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Empowerment Programme

Victim Support Centre Middelburg has compiled an empowerment programme aimed at combatting crime and violence. This programme consists of several services, and a description of each of these services can be found below.

Individual Development Plan (IDP):

A tool the social workers use to assist victims in dealing with personal and relational problems. Creating and maintaining an IDP is a critical step in helping a victim to handle his / her problems in a way that will result in a positive outcome.

Care Plan:

An agreement between a victim and a social worker. This states any actions the centre needs to take when it comes to helping a victim. It can take the form of a written document, or it can be recorded in the victim's file.

Therapeutic Services:

Counselling that is offered by social workers. This is done to help victims work through harmful ways of thinking. These harmful ways of thinking will no longer interfere with their health, personal and interpersonal life. It also provides support and guidance to victims that are experiencing emotional problems and difficulties which negatively impact their lives.

Skills Projects:

Teaches skills to victims which will enable them to make their own income. The aim is to encourage self-reliance. This is important, as it gives victims the freedom to choose not to remain in abusive or violent situations that they may be experiencing in their homes. It also provides a comeback for victims that have been disadvantaged by a criminal offence.

Skills projects that we offer include gardening, leather crafting, beadwork, baking and dressmaking.

Group Work:

Victims with the same problems and experiences are given the chance to come together as a group. This allows them to discuss their challenges and to come up with solutions in a group setting.

Community Outreach and Awareness (Prevention Services):

Outreach campaigns are held to educate the communities about crime and violence, as well as informing victims about the resources that are available to them.

Awareness campaigns are held as a way of preventing more crime and violence from happening and offers information on the different kinds of problems that are experienced in the communities.

We hold these campaigns in communities around Middelburg (Mpumalanga), often in disadvantaged places, where the people are not able to easily obtain knowledge and services related to crime and violence.