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All victims of crime and violence must stand up and speak out. If we can shed more light on these hidden crimes, it will give us better leverage to fight against crime and bring peace to our communities, so that we can all enjoy a safer tomorrow.

Please contact us for assistance or if you would like more information. You can also visit Middelburg Police Station/SAPS Middelburg, SAPS Blinkpan, SAPS Hendrina or Mhluzi Police Station, and they will be able to refer you to Victim Support Centre Middelburg.

We help all kinds of victims, including those affected by the following injustices:

General Crime and Violence

All persons that have been affected by a criminal offence or those that have had violence inflicted on them can get assistance from Victim Support Centre Middelburg.

Here, victims will be able to get information with regards to what actions they can take, and they will be offered support in dealing with the effects of the crime or violence. Victims suffering from emotional trauma will be offered counselling, where they will be able to speak about their feelings and receive help with dealing with those feelings.

Domestic Violence

Victims often find themselves in abusive situations without even realising it. In most cases, the abuser is a loved one or family member. Victims should get help, no matter what kind of abuse or violence they are experiencing.

Victims of domestic violence no longer have to suffer in silence.

Victim Support Centre Middelburg will handle all domestic violence cases with absolute sensitivity and confidentiality. Female victims and their children will be accommodated while undergoing the empowerment programme, where they will receive counselling. They also have the opportunity to participate in skills projects to be able to rely on their own ability to earn an income so that they can support themselves and their children. Once they have completed the empowerment programme, we will assist with reuniting the victims with their families and reintegrate them into the community.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is another crime that often goes unnoticed. It is the illegal trade of humans, and victims are given no choice but to participate in forced labour or sexual slavery. Threats or other forms of coercion are used to gain commercial control or ownership over a victim.

After requesting help from Victim Support Centre Middelburg, the victim will immediately be reported to the nearest police station, as well as to the Department of Social Development. After reporting the case, urgent counselling will be provided to the victim. If a victim is in a state of talking and explaining key issues, they are then referred to a shelter that specialises in human trafficking within the province. All of this is done with strict confidentiality since human trafficking is a crime that involves syndicates that normally have eyes and ears everywhere.

If you are a victim, please talk to us

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